Dabur Sanitize Hand Sanitizer| Alcohol Based Sanitizer (Lemon) – 500 ml


  • Ayurvedic formulation from the India’s most trusted Ayurvedic brand.
  • Instantly Kills 99.9% germs without the use of soap & water.
  • On the go protection from germs and infections.
  • Protects from the germs transferred from direct contact with an infected person or from an external source.

Dabur Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer India (Lemon) – 500 ml

Dabur Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer is India’s so much depended on Ayurvedic emblem. It gives a brand new vary of hand sanitizers. Dabur Sanitize – kills 99.9% germs without using cleaning soap & water.

Dabur Hand Sanitizer is suggested for normal hand cleaning within your own home, workplace and in public puts. Particularly ahead of eating meals & eatables and after coming in touch with any exterior floor puppy or an individual.

Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer is really helpful considering that viruses unfold via coughing and sneezing. Up to date proof has proven that a few germs linger on surfaces like doorknobs, desks and telephones. And transferred by way of the arms to the mouth, nostril or eyes.

Sanitizing yourself with Dabur, protects from the germs transferred from direct touch to inflamed individual or from an exterior supply. It comes with 3 fragrances – Common, Strawberry and Lemon.

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